Black Rotten Witchcraft


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"And there was given unto him, a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them - that dwell in heaven."

Revelation 13:5-6

Worshiping Death is far more than an ordinary consideration - Worshiping the mother of existence becomes inevitable when the soul is devoted to a greater Evil.

B.R.W. was Recorded in June; preached in the last day of the full moon – MMXIII

Mastered & Mixed by Lugubre – may you strength ascend again.


released March 22, 2014


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Black Rotten Witchcraft
Consecration of dead spirits
Hellish summoning of diabolic energy
Habitation of fallen angels

Mothers carry in their womb
The infection of the human tragedy
The childcrusher of the cross of aristocracy

Pentagram adorned with blood
Burning red candles lights
Sinister recitals to raise the dead
Black witchcraft

In fear, the living kisses the priest feet
At the end of the ceremony
He called 3 times the necromancer
A mysterious square parchment, his oration

Abnormal death meditation
The key for eternal life is revealed
The scent of putrid flesh is now walking
Among the fields of life

Milions of demon legions
A Hell Infection spreading
Herectic Human celebration
Of Satan supremacy

Invoke Versicles IV, V & VI
Track Name: Eschatology Proclamation
Passage rites into the world of infamy
Demonic ancestral blessings
Worshiping flames of blood and flesh
Admire the triumphant apocalypse

-Eschatology Proclamation-

Once, flowers used to blossom healthy
Now, Impaled angels arises
From the burned ground
Representing a new scenario of the Divine

-Eschatology Proclamation-
When the spirit of God falls, neither words of hope,
Nor words of life shall be spoke as messages of faith
In sight, there are times of drought and famine, a pleasure
to the eye of the master
The victory of thy kingdom and the message of Satan!

-Eschatology Proclamation-
Secular hidden wisdom for the end of times
Intervention of death deity
Prophecies of the Immaculate Conception
The advent death of the universe

Invoke Versicle III
Track Name: Hellish Vandalism
Walls painted in black blood
Destruction of monuments
Symbols of thy superior force
Messages of the perpetual truth
Vandalize their churches
Satanize their congregation

Cruel cross offenders Sulfur defamation attack!
Gods of war, gods of death
Gods of sin, gods of chaos
Gods of pain, gods of famine

Invoke Versicle I

The sun will no more be your light by day,
Nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you,
For the LORD will be your everlasting light,
And your everlasting glory

Emblems demonstrates exhaustion of faith

Invoke Versicle I

We mock the sacred commandments
Bestial insulter’s practices
Through shadows sin has sprang to life
Horrid defamation upon the cross believers
Track Name: Assembly of Diabolic Sacrament
Preachers pray kneeled in a church of flames
Calling for mercy to their god

There is no salvation for the fake devotees
The destruction of the holy sacrament collapse in hollow

Damnation brings the grand mortal war
Where the skies turns red as blood

The ultimate confrontation reaches tremendous violence
The circle of peace has a new meaning…

In every cathedral I preach for thy arrival
I give sermons in obscurity
The legions hear it in silence and devotion
Killing the feeble race

Are you waiting for the affection of god?
Once we control the planet,
Only vestiges of dust corpses remain on earth
Behold the bleeding onslaught!

Invoke Versicle V

The sunset last forever, bounded to blood rituals
The destruction will be extreme
When Satan rules supreme!
Track Name: Down, in the Kingdom of Satan
Hell and its entire Divination will be rooted on Earth
The reverse order of creation will now commence

Increasing perverse meditation
Sacred monuments set ablaze
Death preach echoes in the red sky
Irreconcilable warring factions terminate the ritual

Restoration of the order of creation at the end of time
Irresolvable ritualistic meanings
I seek the prophecy of the Justice Divine

Satanic relics worshiped by demon-man
Perpetual services of evil continuation
Books burned in the holy places of Jerusalem
Devotion to Blasphemy

After the bloodshed, paradise dust will lay on the flaming corpses
The new king will be crown in the altar

The seas will lift higher than the sky
And the soil will... unleash Hell!

Repeat versicle III & IV

Down, in the kingdom of Satan
Behold His prominence
The ritual as begun - ancient as time
Track Name: Calamity Events of Shadows Demonology
Calamity events of shadows demonology
Behold the Inverted Cross
Tomorrow will bring nothing
But total evil putrid infestation

The flocks of the bastard kneel
To the Reverends ascension
The envoys of the new world order
Invocation of the angel

All humanity is helplessly divided against itself
Severely guilty to their entire foundations

It is written that in the cloudless sky
A last full moon will appear
His light will guide an undying
Force of darkness and channel the wisdom.

The sun shall be no more
thy light by day;
neither for brightness shall the moon
give light unto thee...
(Isaiah 60:19)
Track Name: Atentado à Humanidade
Profanando a cruz da campa
E os ossos que a pedra guarda
Cemitérios em negras chamas
Igrejas a cinzas, mera trampa

Encetei esta batalha audaz, em nome de Satanás!

Comandado pela escuridão
Escuto as vozes e ergo a minha ira
Esculpo na pele as sombrias
Mensagens do barão

A instrução de Satanás, a queda do sagrado!

Alucinações descomunais de violência
Ceifo crianças sem piedade, degolo a vossa vida
Sugo a alma, purgo o sangue impuro da terra
E continuo o ritual até nada restar

Humanidade fugaz, ajoelhem-se perante Satanás!

Invocar Versículo III & I

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