Forced Back to Life


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Death Metal was always meant to be raw, rotten and bitter. Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, that’s the sound LIVE BURIAL have set for themselves. The debut ‘Forced Back to Live’ is now released by Dunkelheit Produktionen! Heavy Death Metal with slight touches of Doom, Sludge, Despair and a whole manner of unpleasantness! Expect intense bass energy, putrefied riffs and sick solos. Sounds that will pull you out from your premature death and force you into another wretched existence!

LIVE BURIAL recreate the macabre atmosphere and emotions that can only be found in memories of the late 80s/early 90's. Riffs come out in masses, drums punch down like a sledgehammer, and vocals bellow out so haunting they summon the dead to terrorise the living! LIVE BURIAL have the potential to attract the whole scene. Only this way should Death Metal sound! Recorded at First Avenue Studios (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) by Dave "The Mixing Desk Slave" Curle (SATAN, BLITZKRIEG, etc.). Mixing and mastering by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studios (CRUCIAMENTUM). The album also features horror score merchant Slasher Dave (ACID WITCH) with a ghoulish composition to introduce the album. If you worship the sound of ASPHYX, PESTILENCE and early PARADISE LOST, your raw lust for old school Death Metal will be fulfilled by this album! Available as CD, LP and Digital Download.


released April 18, 2016

Recorded at First Avenue Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, by Dave "The Mixing Desk Slave" Curle

Mixed and Mastered by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studios
Screams From the Morgue (intro track) written and performed by Slasher Dave (ACID WITCH)



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Dunkelheit Produktionen Aachen, Germany

Dunkelheit Produktionen
Label for Negative and Somber Music Art

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Track Name: Forced Back to Life
You have been forced back to life
Forced to live another wretched existence
Back from the dead at my command
Green elixir is in my hand

Nothing but a thrall
There's no soul
An empty husk with no thoughts at all
Release denied
It wasn't your time
Just remember that I gave you life

Still alive

Life after death... Even if it's just your head
Decapitated. Re-animated

You have been forced back to life
Science ensures that death can never die


Nothing but a thrall
There's no soul
An empty husk with no thoughts at all
Release denied
It wasn't your time
Just remember that I gave you life

This mortal coil
Track Name: Age of Oblivion
The death throes of Mother Earth: A fading memory
A desecrated landscape as far as the eye can see
Scorched terrain trod underfoot as ash swarms the sky
All humanity is lost as you slowly die

Kill or be killed
But what is the worse fate?
Wandering aimlessly
Towards oblivion

Scenes of murder and anarchy dominate your mind
Will you eat the flesh of men, in order to survive?
Cannibals harvest the weak and dead like butchered meat
Decline of the human condition is now complete

Life is just a meaningless pursuit
You're waiting for the end

Life is just a meaningless pursuit
You're waiting to die

Existence is hell post annihilation
All signs of nature eradicated
At the mercy of Earth's convulsion
Suffer in the cataclysm
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
Frozen in the still of night
Paralysed in your sleep
Demon comes forth to terrorise
Your fear its carnal need

Eyes wide open but you can only stare
You cannot stop whatever's there
Evil force lurks in the shadows
Ready to strike in the witching hour

Lead weight on your chest
Crushed by sheer malevolence
Fiendish creature smothering
As you choke on shallow breaths

Sleep paralysis
Lying in stone
Rendered helpless
Waiting for the end

Trapped in this waking horror
To see out this eternal terror

Hallowed night
Will I die tonight?
Pray for light
Will I see the dawn?

Relentless darkness
Swallowed up by the dusk
Trapped in this lucid prison
Plagued by the Incubus

Comprehend this torture
Scream without sound
Limbs locked in their place
Unable to reach out

Will this night ever end?
Will I live to see the sun?
To rid of my tormentor
Until the next nightfall
Track Name: Beyond Death
A slave to an idea
A mysterious force
Unwaivering stance
To a false cause
Looking to the light
That's beyond death
The only outcome
That you will accept

You will die
That's certain
But will you...
Leave this world?

On the precipice of death you stand on the edge of great unknowns
Will you still believe that you will transcend into ethereal form?

Will your conviction stand when it's your turn to expire?
Stare into the abyss, hope for eternal bliss forever
Necrophobia, paranoia, collapse into fear
Crushed by anxiety, completely as the time draws near

Are you really prepared to die?
Will you meet unending paradise?
Or fall into the eternal void?

Suffocating black
Endless torment
Complete nothingness
Is your fate set?
Complete damnation
As you fade away
A whole lifetime
Of wasted days

Look to death
Face your God
But will you...
See the light?

... Beyond death...
Track Name: Mocata's Revenge
Hooded figures make their way through the forest
Hidden under the cloak of night, they conspire...
To bring forth the Satanic lords
With their hatred and malice for mankind

Midnight mass upon the hill
Summoning the forces of evil
Demons are bent to their will
Sent out with orders to kill

Black magic rites
To take you life
The end is in sight

And thus begins the siege
Challenge the edge of your beliefs
Things won't be as they seem
Your mind will be filled with horrid dreams

Nightmares will manifest
To play upon your worst fears
Spectres will find their way
Into the depths of your heart

Macabre illusions cause confusion with your senses
Black witchery, devious treachery are relentless
So don't break the circle! It's the only chance that we have to survive
The forces of hell will invade our sanctuary to end our lives

From the darkness comes your test against certain death
The forces of night kill all light, there will be no help
Will you be the one to succumb as the night goes on?
Sapped of your will, a slave to evil you will become!

Angel of Death
Morbid spell
Unleash hell

Collector of souls
To appease the Old one
The price must be paid
At any cost

He will ride out with your name to seek his debt
This deadly price must be paid in full
Track Name: Hung Above the Meat Grinder
Taken against your will
The air is deathly still
Faint grinding noises
From the ground below
Wake you to your fate
You're hung above the meat grinder
If you're lying, I will return
The switch is set
Contraption comes alive
Slowly lowered down
Flesh is torn apart
With mechanical efficancy
You're put into the meat grinder
Merciless cold steel rips you apart
Once completely whole
Now you're across the floor
Track Name: Enter the Chapel of Splatter
Abandoned church deep in the woods
People dare not utter its name
The shadow of the past cast its silence
Lest they confront the memories with shame
A cult once resided there
Heretics committing sacrilege
Exercising great perversions
Against the natural order
Sacrifices for the Gods
Merited the massacre
The grounds set ablaze
But the church proudly stood
But they're only myths and legends
Forgotten in time
A traveller from afar
Secrets to uncover
The search has begun
The black twisted spire
"Look at the hall...
Oh how we once stood...
Bathe in their blood...
Emerge reborn!"
A drop of thine own blood
Upon the great altar
Breathes wretched life
Into the walls
Spirits of the old cult
Come forth from no more
"The Gods must be avenged
Against those who wronged us"
Torn away from your own mind
Surrender your soul!
Gather the lost
Show them the way
Of our worship
To the Chosen Ones
For the slaughter
Human sacrifice
Blood is the offer
For eternal night