Ritualia Stramonium


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A true cult release deserves the matching format: ABHOR are back with their long awaited sixth album „Ritualia Stramonium“, now released on official cassette edition! This Italian dark circle has been active for over 20 years now and they never followed any trends! The new album is deeply rooted in the 90s but not to be considered retro: The music simply breathes the old spirit and takes you on a ride to moldy catacombs, abandoned ruins and unholy rituals with its humming bass and the ritual organ excesses.

The morbid production was done in the Vinum Sabbati Studios and because of it the midtempo-songs sound ghostly and incredibly old. ABHOR are on the shortlist for fans of ANCIENT, ROTTING CHRIST and MORTUARY DRAPE. Enter the halls of ancient witchcraft, mysticism and occult magic! Black rituals since 1995! Under exclusive licence from Moribund Records (USA), the cassette edition is now available. Limited to 100 green cassettes with black print. Each cassette comes with a 135g heavy color poster in A2 format.


released May 29, 2016


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Track Name: Between Flames and Moon
between elevation and change of mysterious transformation
the subtle light fades with the flow of the hours
and the smoke rises up in front of my face to the sky
dead animals from the vestige of cobwebs
dust and wisdom, fire burns between shade
scrolls, and incense burns in braziers
silent, supreme knowledge, divine knowledge

black cloak on the earth, rats on bare feet
the dream of sin, sin dreamed
this moon lights up the stones, the sun is gone
this sulfureous journey began
the wax affect the rotten moss on the ground
contact with mother earth

the signs of aging, signs of wisdom of these hands
black vixen you have deleted your eyes
what guides you in the shadows?
ancestral journey into the silent world

quintessence of an damned ordinance
i live in the shadows were born by fire
and moon in a world of alchemy
where the call is requiem
where flame and moon are the portal
Track Name: Diabolus est qui id invocat
quando il mio corpo bruciava sul rogo
the smell of roasted flesh
fuels my relentless anger
your eyes off and empty
were the face of weakness

amygdala is my name
queen of terror
lady of your sentence
mistress of your damnation
my word is fear

i am a carrier of madness
my caress is pain
kiss of death
cursed was your life
a cry of pain

echoes in the minds
of the putrefying culprits
the forest became my dwelling
the moon my fellow
the trees my brothers

pan my lover
diabolus est qui id invocat…
tohu tehom theli than leviathan tanin'iver taninsam
vedar-gal tiekals somdus azerate
ishet zenunim taninsam ama lilith, liftoach kliffot

tanin'iver liftoach nia
Track Name: De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam
i feel a presence
that makes me blood run cold
my hands shake
creeping on the skin
i close my eyes
i see the hell
perpetual flames
eternal pain

i am lifted into space
helpless body without forms
the heart stops pulsing
from his mouth comes a sound
i possess your body
slimy, cold and dying
for my last curse

swimming between the insides of a dog
ekò ekò malvaha
immer cheta arvhal
edo mah rolves
reo amrill kà
maedeto el to nome
e maedeto el to seme

che sia infecondo
come ze infecondo el seme
dei infami come el to dio!
che te marsissa el sangue
che i vermi te magnasse e buee
che i porsei te magnasse i pie
e che i ragni te magnasse i oci!
Track Name: I... The Witch
as the lament of a lamb in the deeper night
the chills came up on the skin
noises that don't know the meaning
i only hear the lament
suddenly the diabolical laugh
blood is freezing
this evil laugh looms in the mind
the rise is written in the stars of the arcane sky
governed by mystery diamond
i hear his voice hissing like a voracious snake
the black witch comes through the leaves
his laughter make me pale
as the most grim fairy tale
eyes that glow in the dark cursed forest
now i see them, ivy and thorns will not stop its step
she is the nature that surrounds me
i don't know in which direction to be careful

fear comes over me like a wild beast
the acrid smell penetrates the brain
i feel the sulfur in the blood like into the hell
his hands on the hair
blood tears blur my vision
already blinded by the darkness
i feel his breath on my skin

whispers of deception, i feel the gush of water
now the candle can illuminate the black puddle
i can see her now, in the dim light in the water mirror
where his face is only my reflection ...
Track Name: Soul's Poison
devour and feed its wings
wet feathers from rain and extirpated blood
nothing to leave if not your life
leave nothing if not a memory
vigilant of the castle now no longer you will be
death and spits in your place
as carrion plague remain
under these stones neither your remote footsteps
embodied in a new breed
the scourge has tended his spear
sacred tip of black sanctity
rotten soul
anoint wax and poison
view distant star
feasts with the heart
red wine and silver platter
black candle and solemn shadow
the snake has evolved in its infernal beauty
malicious and sadistic his will
rotten soul

anoint wax and poison
view distant star
feasts with the heart
the raven circling on the cobweb
i hear rats running, there' s no longer your presence
inside me now you will be
and as a beast of fire in the eden i can groove the sky

rotten soul
anoint wax and poison
view distant star
feasts with the heart
Track Name: Circle of Stones
dancing around the fire
surrounded by fog
a circle of ancient trees
a circle of stones
wise men in the purple woods
hands to heaven
eyes to mother earth
barefoot on wet grass
worshiping the lord of the nine angels
the order of true purity
altar of hidden truth
the mirror of god

reflection of freedom
ceremony of opposites
sacrificing precious gifts
i invoke the spirit of the hill
remembering the mists of time
in the age of the great cold

you taught me to understand
reaching the ancient knowledge
now I'm alone, and I open the door to eternity
in thy honor, I open the door to another world
the age of the great cold ...
Track Name: The Chant of the Owl
i saw the bitch dressed as lamb
listen as i speak under your skin white as the moon
do you know this feeling?
the ring of fire is drawn beneath our feet
the archangel will not bother to
we don’t grant his presence here
in the war between sex and magic
the winged goddess called my name
there will be the cockcrow wake you up in the morning
 laying your feet on the lines of fire
sucks the smell of vehemence
the return call you and there is no unguent or talisman
 at the singing of the owl bow down naked
i saw the bitch dressed as lamb
the singing of the owl stripped and follow me
 the eternal silence will be consumed by your pleasure
moans as prayers enchanted

burn your tears under the excitation
they are the arcane, the messenger, I am the truth
 at the singing of the owl bow down naked
i saw the bitch dressed as lamb
the singing of the owl stripped and follow me
 it isn’t a dead poem
the red ink will mark your skin
feel my hand and my essence
 at the singing of the owl bow down naked
i saw the bitch dressed as lamb
the singing of the owl stripped and follow me
Track Name: Wine of Sabbath
my soul, frozen, locked in a dark room, gloomy
a rite of initiation drove me away from reality
thousand years ago and still today
the power of power, the grandeur of being obsessed the children too
i surround myself with candles, dim lights in the darkness
i immerse myself in incense, purifying bath
a chalice of blood and wine of the sabbath

i live again the nightmare every night
dreamly dimension of my original sin
amputated existence waiting for the great comeback
the hope of a esoteric revival
alchemical rot, mystical blackness
in the solitude of a forest relives my ancient soul
in the silence of nature

in harmony with the forces of the elemental spirits

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